Trying to pull data from

regarding API:

hey gang. im trying to have a search box with “name” and a group list with the names that will filter according to what is input into the search box.

im having a super hard time and wondering if someone can help me out here. im just trying to learn all this and i get stuck at the simplest things…

i think ive added the API correctly but not entirely sure. would be super appreciated if someone could help!

thanks in advance!

As a hardcore SW fan if you share your editor I’ll have a look :slight_smile:

Definitely! I’ll be back on in about an hour or so. Would love a buddy in this.

hey man! let me know if youre free to share :slight_smile:

thanks so much! @JonL

Hi geoff,

Can you send me a link to your Bubble editor for this problem you mention?

ha, im actually trying to figure out how to share the editor. do you want to screen share? :slight_smile:

copy paste the url

As Beau said…just copy and paste the URL and make sure in the settings of the app that the editor is open to collaborate.

Unfortunately can’t commit to a specific time to share screen and help. That’s why asking for the URL.