Trying to save a state list but instead of saving the data it saves a bunch of unique ids instead

I am a novice and new to bubble and finding the process of saving lists from a repeating group form extremely long winded, over complicated and outrageously difficult.

The state list’s category names display fine on the front end in a test text box below the repeating group.

I want to save this list.

However when I try to save a state list of interested categories, instead of returning the interested category’s names, it just saves a bunch of unique ids.

The only expression I have been able to get to save the state list (interest-list) is as follows:

I have tried enabling and disabling auto-binding and giving permissions to everything.

What am I doing wrong? I really want to learn bubble but I am finding it really difficult to do simple tasks. I have gone over loads of tutorials and cannot understand why this is happening.

Would someone please offer some assistance thankyou.

Hi there, @Mervin83… if I understand your post correctly, everything is working as expected, except you want to see the category names instead of the unique ids on the app data tab, correct? If that is the case, click the Primary fields button above the data type names, and you will be able to change the display for categories from unique id to name, and you should be good to go.

Apologies if I misunderstood your post and missed the mark here, but I hope this helps.


That worked a charm, thankyou so much for the fast and to the point response.

I must has missed this in all the tutorials I have watched (approx 6 hours).

I think bubble is a superb tool but there are many small pitfalls like this for new nocoders. Great to see such a helpful userbase however. Thanks again!

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