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Trying to save changes users make to their profile

Hello bubblers,

I have a couple different templates made that users can pick from for their profile set up. I have the different looks saved as different groups and was wondering how to alow a user to select the template they want to use and save that data so the site remebers. Even something as simple as the profile picture they select is stumping me I am not sure how to set up the workflow so that the file a user uploads to be their profile picture will be remebered and saved as their own profile picture. Any help you can provide me would be greatly appreciated i am a very new user and am in a little over my head.


On the User data type, create a new field for your User’s profile.

Then have a picture uploader on the Profile page and have a workflow that saves the upload. For this you use “Make Changes to Current User”.

I cant figure out how to get the “make changes to current user” workflow to show up

It’s under the Account Tab…

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