Trying to show a list of recommendations based on age & gender

Can you see what I am doing wrong?

Just trying to have a list of recommendations populate dynamically from a users inputs.

I believe your app is still set to private.

Sorry. Should be completely viewable now.


  • Within the RG data source, add a filter for gender in the same place you added filters for age max > input 40 and age min < input 40.
  • Select the toggle to “ignore empty constraints” in that same spot

Then, you can get ride of the 2 extra conditions you have on the RG’s data source and you should be good to go.

Thank you for the reply.

So I made the sex boolean based on male or female.

I guess I can’t figure out how to make that boolean filter for the sex. I made it editable if you’d be kind enough to take a quick look.

Thanks, this gave me a good chuckle:


(Yes, sometimes I behave like a ten year old.)

If you really want to go with a boolean for gender, a structure that might make more sense could be Female (or male) yes/no. :slight_smile:

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Or create a gender data type of one’s own.

Hmmm I seem to be still a little confused as to how to make the boolean dynamically filter. Would any of you be kind enough to make the change so I can see how you did it and study your solution? I’m not even sure I set up the boolean correctly tbh.

I made some updates. Seems like it should work now, but didn’t really test because I’m not sure what data you have the backend.

See below the search query now. Please note, I managed to get the sex value to be yes or no not by typing in yes or no (which doesn’t work) but instead by including a simple logical explanation that will resolve to either yes or no. Also, I wasn’t sure whether you want Yes to me Male or Female so you may want to update my logic accordingly.

I also could help myself. I added descriptive names to your input fields. While it doesn’t matter much when you only have 2 of them, it’s really important when you build more complex pages so I figured I’d get you started down this path.

I really appreciate this thank you Scott. I was going to add some more fields so this is great to see how it should be done.

This is the dummy data I currently have in the backend but I’m still not getting anything to display in the preview. Am I missing a step?

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Just a guess at what’s going on - if you have empty data (e.g., Age_high) then it won’t display that result because it doesn’t meet the conditions. So, you need to be sure you have data that meets the conditions for something to actually appear.

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