Trying to sum a list of items but not sure how to do an OR operator on a field

Hi everyone,

I have a table called Quote Requests, which has Quote Locations relating to it, and then Quote Line Items relate to Quote Locations. Each Quote Line Item has a “Revenue Type” field which can be either New, Renewal, or Upsell.

I’m trying to just show in an input field the sum of all Quote Line Items relating to the current page Quote Request, but I want to sum just the sum of Renewal, and Upsell only but not sure how to do an OR operator.

I get to here:

But not sure the proper way to say “Renewal OR Upsell” in here.

Just to show what I have under the “Search for Quote Locations” in case that matters:

What would be the proper way to do this?

Set a conditional and create a copy of what you already have but make the conditional for what the ‘or’ value would be

Whenever you can’t figure an ‘or’ statement, just make two conditional statements (which are if-clauses) where you say if this is true do this OR (that or is the second conditional) if this is true do this

This way you can do OR OR OR OR…basically create as many conditionals as you need options

Thank you!