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Turn 500 SVG icons into 1 CSV document

Hi, so I have been working on a workaround to be able to use SVG icons in one of my apps, I managed to get it to work! This is awesome right?.. well

Now I got an library of 500+ SVG icons HTML code that I want to upload into my database so I wonder, is there any way to turn a collection of SVG Html code files into 1 CSV document?

Turn this:

Into this:

In bubble DB it’s supposed to be listed like this

Without open every file, copy and paste the code :blush:

Thank you in advance!

With code, it would be fairly trivial to do. Without code, I’m not sure. Might actually take less time to copy-paste manually than look for a solution :stuck_out_tongue:

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yeah… but for future reference… it won’t… the point of my app is to make collections of SVG’s ^^

Maybe something like this? @rafael.cunha

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This would get me one step closer… but… I still have to copy the code/paste the code of every single file.

The workflow I am searching for is more like,

  1. Upload all Icons as SVG files
  2. The software somehow read the files as text (HTML syntax)
  3. The software splits every file into the database as HTML syntax.

This would be so AWESOME if possible!

You should be able to copy/paste all the files all into the multi line input. Wanna send me the file of svgs via email? I think I have a way to add commas in the right place in order to upload. :slight_smile:

Email: [email protected]

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I have sent an email with a link to my google drive folders.
There are 3 folders, the icons have 3 different styles, (regular, bold and solid).

I have manipulated all the files to include …

That is because i want to be able to target the “#000000” and replace with the palette colors on the appication.

Thank you for all the help!

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