Turn a 2-option radio-button into a yes/no data type

I have a radio button with Yes/No option, and i want to save to database as a “Yes/No” data type, how?

(I specifically didn’t want to use a checkbox in this case)

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You mean, you want to save the value to a Yes/No field?

So the expression for Field = Value would be: Field = Radiobutton’s value is “Yes”

If Yes is selected, then the Field = Yes
If No is selected, then the Field = No
If nothing is selected, then the Field = No

Or, you could split it up with two conditional actions:

Only when Radiobutton’s value is Yes: Field = Yes


Only when Radiobutton’s value is No: Field = No

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@romanmg Thanks. was looking for this.

I could set it up using the expression you have given.

But I don’t understand how to set up using conditions. I’ve tried to set up like below:

condition condition1

Is this correct?

Are you also wanting to save the selected value to the database in a yes/no field?

If so, then the conditions I was talking about were for the workflow, not for the element. You can remove that condition on your radio button.

In the workflow action that saves the field, the expression is: Field = Radiobutton’s value is “Yes”


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