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Turn Workflow Off (Temporarily) Button

This would just be a button that lets you turn any workflow off. Helpful when A/Bing and fixing things up and you need to see if the new way works but deleting the old way is something you’re not prepared for. One way is to stipulate the workflow out (using a when condition that doesn’t obtain), but this can be clunky in practice.

Any one on board, or have a way of doing this already?


Duplicate the element, set the element with the workflow invisible and delete the workflow on the one visible.

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A lot easier just to have and enable/disable toggle that the workflow engine can check before starting to run the event workflow! Especially when you are doing testing and ending up in circles! (Like I am today and that’s what brought me here)

Yes please this would be great to have

+1 for this

Not sure I see the point to be honest. If you don’t click on a button no workflow is run no?

I think it’s most useful onevents that happen on page load. We recently had an issue where our users were being redirected to the wrong page, and we had to figure out which event was being called. Being able to turn them on and off without deleting/rebuilding the page load workflows would’ve saved us a bit of time.

It’s not critical to our process by any means, but would’ve saved us some manual headaches.

If you have multiple events acting on a visual element, it can help to identify potentially why something is visible when it shouldn’t be, especially when you are dealing with user logged in/user logged out, current user default states vs selected states etc.

I ran in to this today, trying to get an interface to set default conditions for users (both logged in and out) which also depended on a logged in users default setting and display setting, I had events conflicting with each other, and that little toggle would have been good to simply temporarily disable a branch for testing purposes.

The tricky thing here though is that you’re asking for a per workflow toggle, not for the whole system. Not sure where we’d put this…

To keep it consistent with the condition toggle, you could put it in the top left of the event box…

See the attached snip from the conditional dialog and a mock up of the proposed event dialog.

Also…on the debugger, when you switch the view to “Step”, can you implement a “Step Over” next to the “Run Next” so individual actions can be skipped for testing purposes…like below;



Not sure I like the button in edit mode, as we’re talking about a run mode behavior and it’s a bit confusing, but i like the skip button much more :slight_smile: We’ll think about it.

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I would definitely like this functionality also. I’m here because I was going to post the exact same thing…


+1 on this as it will greatly help in debugging and building sophisticated workflows.

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I find it annoying when you build features, and for whatever reason you decide to tackle it later, you “have to” delete and rethink if you want a clean dev environment.

For elements you can always hide on load, but workflows are still there.

At the moment, I simulate a toggle by putting a known false condition on the workflow, but a button would be mighty convenient.

If the ability to momentarily disable a workflow is added, I recommend adding an glaring visual cue that the workflow is disabled; otherwise, it may lead to users not realizing a workflow was disabled in production when it shouldn’t have been. Hidden elements don’t have this problem as it’s quite obvious when it is or isn’t hidden, with the exclusion of workflows toggling their visibility.

It would make native app page development easier.

Could this be accomplished via a git structure?