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Tutor wanted for a beginner

I’d offer $25/hr. You can help me at your convenience, I’m flexible.
Thank you very much.


I am available. We can have a talk over Skype (my username: live:jao_16) to discuss in more details how I can help you.

Please, feel free to reach out anytime.

I’m sorry I don’t use Skype, where are you located? If we can communicate via Line or Telegram…

Or you can tell me more about yourself here, please.

Sure, I developped a marketplace from scratch entirely with Bubble. Please, find below the link for your reference:

I would be happy to share what I learnt so far depending on your need.
I am from France but based in Mexico at the moment.
If you need more details, we can chat on telegram.

Thank you, how do I search your name on Telegram?

Could you please send an email with your telegram username at: [email protected]
Thank you

You can book sessions at

Bulk hours is a lot cheaper.