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Tutorial how to create a custom CSV upload element and download a CSV file from repeating groups

Hey guys,

while I was doing my last project, I run into a topic where I need to download a CSV file from a current view in a repeating group. Besides that, I needed to have a very specific CSV upload functionality which shows the data to the user again and let them select what should be “really” uploaded.

I haven’t found any tutorials, and I wasn’t able / allowed to use plug-ins. So I just did it myself.

Here are the tutorials, I hope it helps.




what do the object keys look like when you print the CSV?

nice tricks here by the way!

Thank you so much for the tutorials Sarah! This was mighty useful.


Glad it helped @deepak1 :wink:

We have a YouTube channel with much more tutorials are upcoming in the next weeks.

Hope you like it.