Tutorial - setting up automatic email sending Postmark

Does anyone have, or know of, a walkthrough video covering exactly how to set up automatic email sending from app users to their customers please?

Have you seen this? :blush:
How to integrate Bubble and Postmark | Postmark

I have :slight_smile: I’m green to APIs so was hoping someone has a video that goes through each workflow step so I know I don’t miss anything

When do you want to send the email? When the user first sign up?

Ankur@ Nocodetalks
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Hi @LA81638,

I encourage you to watch this video by @jamesdevonport where he walks through his setup with Postmark on his SaaS app, Userloop.

Thanks Johnny, this is great.

Do you know of any videos which cover sending daily emails to a list of emails address without a button being pressed?

Hi, no I want to send emails to my users customers, from my users, daily without having to press a button.

So to confirm appointments or send payment reminders

Yes! @jamesdevonport is awesome and covers that in his NoCodeSaas newsletter. In this issue specifically: 📝 Building weekly summary emails for your no-code Bubble app - Issue #21

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You can use scheduled workflows for this.

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That’s the bit I’d like a walkthrough on, I’m probably over thinking it but I need my hand held when building the first one lol