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Twilio and API Connector


Too bad, I get the same error about the “From” required (in Bubble, and in Postman).
I also tried a magical number like +15005550006 but the error codes stands the issue isn’t here anyway.

I’m seriously considering giving up and just use blockspring…

So I figured out that Twilio need urlencoded data - you can’t send JSON format to twilio!

It’s very important.

More info on it here:

So you want to use an encoder like this one:

To create a post like this one: From=%2B12048178626&To=%2B13235435405&Body=hello

You also have to make the Content-Type into application/x-www-form-urlencoded

It’ll look like this:

Setting all these I can make it work from POSTMAN

BUT when I put the exact same request into the Bubble API Connector as seen below:

I GET THE SAME EXACT ERROR about the From number not being provided.

So at this point, I have NO IDEA what else I could do…

Hopefully someone can take it from here and figure out what will make this work.

Thanks @cho for seeking.
I asked 3 days ago emmanuel about encoding. Then RawUrlEncoded has been added in “:formatted as”. It’s different from :UrlEncoded so I don’t think it would work.
I’ll email him about it. We’ll see and I’ll come back here to inform you.

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Even if they add it, the request still doesn’t work.

Have you looked at Zapier ? I have Twillio SMS messages going out if Bubble and back in too.

It’d probably work - I’ve made it work with blockspring before but the idea would be not to pay a 3rd party just for implementing twilio.


The easiest way of using the twilio api if you are NOT using the twilio api.

Just use instead.

It took 4 minutes to learn and integrate their api.

Works. Just. Fine.


That’s great ! Must say the Twilio API documentation is pretty poor. This one sounds like it is a lot clearer, good find.

An API documentation review site for nocoders would be useful :smiley:


So true, Twilio doc is terrible



I am trying to use the Plivo API, but I have a problem with my credentials.

I think it is coming from the Authorization header and I wonder: am I using the right structure (Basic “ID”:“token”)? It seems to be the usual way to fill a HTTP Authorization header.

Yes, but what I think you will need to do is convert authid:authtoken into base64 and pass that in the form … Basic xxxxxxxxx

Google base64 converter

See example above.

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Go here …

enter … authid:authtoken (so a : between them)…and encode …

In Bubble …

APi = (or whatever you api id is)

Header …

Authorization and the long string you got above…
Content-Type application/json


“src”: “+447973253456”,
“dst”: “+447973256543”,
“text”: “Friday yay”

You can then insert dynamic data into the body in an action …


Thanks a lot! The problem is now resolved.


Can the Plivo api also trigger a bubble workflow in realtime when an incoming message is received in Plivo number ?
I was thinking of using zapier with Twilio but it only checks for messages every 5 minutes.

I think unless Plivo (or Twillio) allow you specify webhooks, then you might need to look at another API-API connector other than Zapier.

Did anyone ever get Twilio working? I have the same From issue as @cho did. If not I will look into Plivo.

Trying to get away from Zapier/Blockspring.

Never made it work. Seriously Twilio is a waste of time.
You’ll be able to setup Plivo in about 4 minutes, very simple.

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Ok. I’ll give it a go. Thank you.

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I got twilio working send (via blockspring) & receive… sorry havent got a chance to share the widget yet. Will do it this weekend !