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Twilio and API Connector

I’ve tried Plivo and even with youor help I can’t get it to work! The error is “Could not verify your access level for that URL.\nYou have to login with proper credentials”…\

But I’ve followed the instructions and as far as I can see everything is entered correctly. Would anyone be able to really walk me through it?


I think I have followed all the instructions above but still get error on hearer undefined.
Can somebody check my config?

I regenerated Base64 number and now it works fine. I also added outgoing Voice call using same format as SMS and that is working as well. Next step is callback after voice call to capture call duration and prompt user for notes.

I have configured Twilio and all seems to have set up well except this error message.


I have tried all combinations of prefixing a +91, putting in 00, removing all prefixes with only 10 digits remaining of mobile number, I even tried with three other numbers but failed, the numbers are valid and in use.
I contacted Twilio help and they gave me this logic,

Can someone throw some light on this?

Hi @emmanuel,
Can you help me with this?

@emmanuel is this got to do something with the number format or some setup issue?
A word of suggestion will greatly help.

HTTP Basic Auth works fine for me (and no need to convert auth string to base64):

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Amazing, @NigelG! Thanks for this. Do you know which I have to change to send a WhatsApp message rather than an SMS? I can make it work for SMS but no way for WhatsApp… Thank you!

Guys, how to send unique codes every time user taps “Resend code”? I’ve integrated Twilio directly via API, they generate codes for me to verify user phones, they give 1 code per 1 verification. I want something like ability to delete that verification attempt everytime when tap “resend code” and generate new verification attempt with a new code.

Hey Nigel, hope you’re well.

Digging up an old post here - hoping you’ve come across this issue & solved it.

When inserting dynamic data for the message body (“text” in your example), how do you make it accommodate multiline text?

So far I’ve been unable to achieve this.

I presume this is because if the dynamic input for “text” is:



Then this is presumably inputted in the body as:

“text”: "Friday


Really appreciate any help!