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Twilio - interact with BubbleApp via telephone keypad?

Use case: A Bubble App contains a numeric data field, “Value”. A user needs to be able to change “Value” by calling a Twilio phone number and pressing “1” on their telephone keypad, ie, add 1 to “Value”.

Specifically, is there a simple way to pass this numeric input from Twilio to Bubble? I’m aware of text/SMS integration via Zapier/Blockspring but I’m working with plain old landline phones.

Conceptually, how could I authenticate that the telephone caller matches the user credentials in the Bubble App? I understand that restricting input to the numbers on a telephone keypad limits robust authentication measures, but I need something that just works on a very basic level.

Thoughts and advice are appreciate; I’m a noob with only basic understanding of APIs, etc.

Can you use the callerID of the caller, and ask for a selected password?