Twilio Sms doesn't work from mobile

Good morning everybody,
I am writing to you as I am trying to solve a feature malfunction in my app,
thank you in advance for any suggestions.

To be specific, the user visiting my app has the ability to share his geographical location gps method (for the map I’m using leafy map @vini_brito) by clicking on a button, the button is connected to a workflow process that should trigger the SMS.

I’m using 2 method to find the position of the user the first one is the GPS (he has to allow the app t o track him) as backup I’m using the IP (we find the position not so precise by putting together latitude and longitude)

Twilio is connected via a @copilot plugin, I also tested @ZeroqodeSupport plugin.

Strangely enough both the plugins when I try to send the message from desktop (so IP method) the works, when I try from mobile (GPS) nothing happens.


  1. Twilio says is not their fault,
  2. No response from copilot at the moment, aI have not yet written to ZeroqodeSupport
  3. Bubble team, very supportive and kind, they are investigating the issue

(The app is not live yet, don’t know if this info can help)

Hope someone can help,
thank you for your time!

Problem solved

Hi @Orazio ,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for late reply. We are glad it has already been solved. :pray:

In case you experience any other troubles with our products, just ping us and we’ll help asap!

Just asking if you do like the plugin so far, could you please consider rating it in the Plugins tab? You can give it as many stars as it deserves. The more feedback we get, the more motivated we are to build great plugins!

Best regards,
Zeroqode Team

Thank you!

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