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Twitter API connector help

Hi there,

My name is Martin and I am from Holland.
I hope someone could help me with the following:

I tried to connect Twitter with the Bubble API connector, but for some reason I get the error 99 (authenticity_token_error). I use user-agent flow, filled in the endpoints and the secret, then a POST call to obtain a bearer token.

I also tried to refresh the keys in the Twitter developers section, but I still get the error.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!



Hi Martin,

API Connector is OAUTH2 but Twitter is OAUTH1. It requires all sorts of encoded signatures.

Don’t know if there are any working OAUTH1 plugins, but you could possibly do this in a Server Side Plugin.

For SendPilot we use Auth0 to do the heavy lifting for us.

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