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Twitter API does not appear in list of external api's

I loaded the twitter api on the plugins tab. I generated an app on twitter and put the consumer key and consumer secret key in their respective text boxes to configure the api in Bubble. I placed a text box on my page and clicked on “insert dynamic data” and selected “get data from external API”. A dialog box appears asking me to select the source of the external data BUT the twitter plugin does not appear in the list!

(BTW, I was also experimenting with the TypeForm API and it worked just fine. That is the only plugin that appears in the data source list.)

Why is the twitter api not appearing in the data source list?

Assuming the user has authenticated via Twitter, the Twitter data is accessed on the User type.


It is not meant to appear there :slight_smile:

I would say that there are currently 3 types of plugins: Data, Action and Bubble Plugins.

1)Data plugins - works exactly as you expect. Meaning that when you add a data plugin, you get a new entry in “get data from external API” section of the info source definition.

  1. Action plugins - appears in the list of building blocks in the WF section. Meaning that you can add the step in the WF that would call for an API call. These are NOT visible in the “get data from external API” dropdown list.

  2. Bubble plugins - plugins developed by Bubble team. These are integrated into generic Bubble framework and may be available as separate elements in Actions, Visual Building Blocks, and other subsections of different menus.

Twitter Plugin that you are using is of Type 3. It’s one of the social network Oauth plugins.

To use it you need to check the following WF menu:

and select the plugin name from this list:

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:


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Thank you very much for the detailed reply. Yes, twitter appears in the workflow as you predicted!

Can you refer me to a tutorial somewhere that would show me how to use this plugin? I would like to write an app that can send tweets to a users twitter account.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

However I am afraid that this plugin only offers the authentication part of Twitter.

Try to use a “Share to All Plugin” and add the Twitter part to it do do the actual tweeting.

Or if you need anything more complex than that, you will need an integration with Twitter API via API connector.

Thanks! Per your suggestions, I tried the “AddToAny” share plugin. Clicking that loads a twitter text box (with not very helpful default text). I then have to input my tweet and then click on the tweet button. I like the fact that it enables me to “interface” with twitter, but it is not a seamless way to send custom messages generated in my app which is what I am looking for.

But, that exercise showed me how to create a link that will preload the twitter message box with my custom message, so that is an improvement. Now I can automatically insert the desired text in the twitter “tweet box” but I still have to click again to actually send the tweet. I suppose I will experiment some with the API connector to see if I can get a seamless way to send the messages without having to click once to “load the message” in a twitter message box and then click again, in that twitter window to actually “tweet” it.

Thanks a BUNCH for your help!

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