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Twitter OAuth Connector without API keys - New plugin from Pathfix

New Twitter plugin from Pathfix - Twitter Connector Pro!

The plugin offers the easiest way for you to add Twitter OAuth integration to your app. Pathfix will handle the entire oauth process, token management and the pass-through connectivity to Twitter’s endpoint.

The plugin will handle the following:

  • UI/Visual element that renders the connect button
  • Entire OAuth process (user authorization, token management and user connection)
  • API calls to the relevant endpoints

UI/Visual Element
Rendered automatically via Pathfix Connector Design Element plugin


Actions Available

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Pathfix Team

No-code Plugins | Documentation

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A few years ago this took me:

  • 2 hours of Javascript tutoring
  • 3 bespoke Webtask APIs
  • Customised Auth0 and multiple posts on their support forum
  • About a month overall

And now it is available in a Plugin.



You’re still part of the kids Nigel :wink:

Well done @Pathfix, great plugin!

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Thanks so much @NigelG @Christophe_HK!

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Thank you @Pathfix team! You guys have been helpful and patiently helped me get this going! I’d definitely can’t recommend any other solution than Pathfix for oAuth.

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Thanks so much for the kind words @sharma.himanshu0608 :heart:

Any chance you can post an image tweet with the plugin. I don’t see an option for it.

Hey @bobl, media upload is not currently supported by the plugin yet. We are looking into adding support and will keep you updated on the progress we make here.

Can you tell me how I would use this plugin to tweet from the app’s Twitter account, rather than an individual user’s Twitter account?

i.e.when someone posts content to my app, I want my app Twitter account to tweet about it. So the app needs to be authenticated to one Twitter account (the app one) no matter who is using my app.

/edit - I have tried to do this by authenticating just one Admin user and then using that user’s unique id, instead of the current user’s id. That works for the authentication, but I have not got the tweeting to work yet. I again use the admin user’s unique id for the tweet action, but no joy yet.

Hey @major_groove yes, you would need to use the authenticated user_id instead of Current User’s Unique ID.

However, you will need to use the user id of the user (not the login credentials of the Twitter account). i.e. go into your Pathfix account - click on Test Connection - auth your account - use the email you used to log in to your Pathfix account as the User_id

Give it a go and let us know :slight_smile: