Twitter plugin config done, no actions show in Wflow

Installed plugin ( free ) as oauth provider ( handler for buttn=Authorize )
config keys from developer.twitter
config deverloper.twitter for 3 legged oauth

in bubble designer, there is NO widget " Signup Login w twitter"
yet the Twitter plugin is installed in the bubble app
I did not change Settings/API in bubble where it mention Oauth redirects (photo)

No way to setup the workflow to drive the oauth ( authorize/ access_tokens )
Using a normal button then going to WF shows no actions at all having a twitter label on them.

Im stuck trying to implement step show above using the plugin.
Not able to get any of the options in the picture to display on my designer/WF tabs.

when i list plugins , Twitter is there in the list but does not seem to be hooked up in a way where anything it implements will show up in bubble designer

im on bubble free plan and the Twitter plugin looks to be the free on supplied by bubble itself.

developer.twitter config & bubble callback url below. Its config’d for 3-legged oauth and supports a separate api in Nodejs just fine for 3 legged auth and callbacks . So i added bubble to an existing dev.twitter project instead of adding a new twitter project for exclusive use with bubble. Dont see that as making a diff because its got a callback into bubble app and its setup for oauth ( working fine with node apps )

Just a note - faster to implement my own api for 3-legged oauth!

@rowntreerob :wave:
Maybe this video can help (It’s in german)

–resolved-- i needed to add a normal bubble signup/action WF to the authorize button , then within that generic WF logon action ,select Twitter oAuth as the provider of the service/action…

this subset organization is not clear at all in the docs
ref : Twitter - Bubble Docs