Two dimensional grid - type table structure

Hey there.
I’m trying to design a Shift Management system which works as a table. Essentially, the vertical headers are the employees (rows), whereas the horizontal headers (columns) are each date for the entire year.

The grid should work pretty much as an excel table, where each cell is editable. The way I’ve done this so far is by creating three Data Types:

  • Employee
  • Dates
  • Shift (Field: Employee/Type Employee, Field: Date/Type date")

The data type “Dates” is populated with rows where each row is one date of the year. This data type is only used to create a calendar view, nothing else…

I have one repeating group “DATES” which repeat all the dates in the year

  • Nested underneath is the repeating group “EMPLOYEES”

This is what the result looks like:

The problem is that since each element performs a “Do a search for”, the performance is very slow. I am forced to do this because the double nested repeating group cannot pull the parent cell properties in order to acquire the date. Here’s what it looks like in the editor:

I am also forced to use this method in the input used for the same reason, even for saving using the workflow. I’m worried that this method will be exceedingly slow in production. Do you have any suggestions on how to improve this setup?


Did you manage to figure out your design issue.
I have a very similar problem and am looking for a solution.


Hey, not really.
This was a side project of mine that I didn’t see through due to lack of time. I can’t add anything of value here unfortunately.