Two dynamic list merged into one

Example: I have “list 1”: “one, two, three, etc.” and “list 2”: “1, 2, 3, etc.”. How can I merge these two lists into one list or text so that it looks like this: “one - 1, two - 2, three - 3, etc.”? I know that it is possible to extract item 1 and item 2 from the lists, but I need one formula since the number of items in the lists is dynamic and can change.
This topic describes a way but I did not understand how to implement it Joining Two List of things into text

Hi there, @chelovekius… I remembered explaining not all that long ago how to do something similar to what you described, and I believe what I wrote in that post could easily be modified to create the new list that you need. So, check out that link and see if it makes sense.

Hope this helps.


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Yes thank you. It will work.
I just wanted to understand how the option in the link above works. There is quite an interesting option, but I did not figure out how to implement it.

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