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Type address, get suggestions, mark on maps

Hey everyone. I’m working on a food delivery app. I need help with Geographical address thing. While restaurants’ onboarding process, I’m asking them to type in their address in a “Address” field. I want to change it to address search. The functionality should look like this…
Restaurant types their address, they will get suggestions in a repeating group, they select one of the options from the group, that option should be market on the map right below the search box, Restaurant should be able to move the pin on map to their exact location and that exact location should be saved.
Is this achievable without using any paid plugins?
I’ve done a lot of search on the forum, I found some answers but they don’t seem to be working anymore.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Why would you use a repeating group for this? This can be achieved using the “Search” input field linked to a geographical location field. As soon as you start typing the addresses get listed and they can select the right address right away.

I’ve used a search box with type Geographical places, but I’m not getting any suggestions when I type something in the box. I didn’t include the Google places API key in the plugin page. Is it necessary?

i would use one otherwise you get rate-limited by Bubble

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