Type of content for Page allows only for local Things

Hi there,

we’re currently building a marketplace which consist of two apps:

  1. the marketplace admin app
  2. the marketplace end user app

The actual content is added and stored in the admin app. I’ve connected these two apps with the Bubble App Connector and it looks like it works just fine. However, it looks like the “Type of content” doesn’t allow to be set to Things from the other app. I see only the local Things there.

My question is now, how do I use the Workflow-based navigation to pass Remote Things from let’s say a list to a detail page?

I’ve tried and created a Group which actually can be set to a remote Thing, however, then I have to send the Remote Thing to the group via workflow, instead of using deeplinks with optimized URL’s.

I don’t know if I made myself clear :slight_smile:?

Linking two apps is kind of a hassle in my opinion.

When I built a marketplace app, I just put the admin section on a different page, all in one app. Why not just do that? It would simplify your development, which is what Bubble is about.

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Actually this was my first approach. However, the Users are then the sellers and I fear that somehow buyers will be able to access areas of the app (which includes personal data, booking information, stripe payment infos etc.).

My line of thinking was that by separating these two apps I decrease the risk of exposing sensitive information to end users.

Security is important, especially in two sided marketplaces. I see your point.

You should be able to create a completely secure app with the proper privacy rules inside your app. Might be a bit more work setting up for 2 types of users, but probably less work than making another app.

I like your approach and will give it shot by introducing User type field and messing around with privacy rules :slight_smile:. Thank you for your advice.

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