Type of currency


I have a problem with the type of currency.

The type of currency with which I must work is “PEN” Currency of Peru, I do not have this type of currency as an option to select it.
How can I add this type of currency? or failing that, how can I convert the dollar currency to the value of the currency of Peru?

But really the solution is to show the symbol of the type of currency of Peru.

Thank you.

Just use a number and add the currency symbol in front of it.

If you need to use it a lot, you could create an option set and add the symbol there, then just refer to the option wherever you need it.

As for converting from US$ there are plenty of APIs for that

Try to use smth like Alphavantage Currency Converter plugin.


Thank you very much for the help.

Sorry for the delay in my response.

All the best