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Type something to pick item from expression editor's popup list

I simplified my team member roles’ average ratings calculations using parent groups to hold each Ratings object (RatingRoleHelper, RatingRoleEditor etc.), however when selecting multiple expession parts, I find it timeconsuming to pick + from a dropdown list where I cannot use keyboard to accelerate the selection in the list. Why not have shortcuts for the expressions in that list (like press + for + option) or maybe make it more generic to jump selection to what you type, e.g. if you type : it would go to first item in the list that has : and typing it again would go to next one etc. Or maybe do it like autocomplete, where typing : goes to first item with : and typing :m goes to :merge-with etc. (could optionally hide non matching items at the dropdown and show what you’re typing at the top of the dropdown as it filters down items