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Hey all,

I’m building an employer review website and want to embed a Typeform to collect responses. I suspect this is extremely simple since I can’t find any old topics on it but I am struggling to get it to work. I don’t even need the responses in my Bubble DB (yet), I just need the Typeform to show.

I understand that the real Typeform won’t show in the Editor but in the Editor I see:

Then when I click Preview I see nothing:

I added the Typeform by following the Typeform Embed SDK instructions here , creating a Standard embed and copying the link. I then created an HTML element in Bubble and pasted the link into the Appearance box.

Can anyone please explain where I’m going wrong?

I have installed this Typeform plugin although I don’t think I even needed it for this.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hey there @Eks_ST,

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Are you embedding “full page?”


If you are using Chrome you can open your “Developer Tools” and check the console for any errors

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I was embedding Standard rather than Full page. That fixed it! Thanks a lot @johnny .

No problem!

Is there any way to close/hide embeded screen after typeform is filled?