Typing in search box - 2 fields?

I have a pop up that is creating a new event. I want to select a location from a search box, but I realized that there could be two or more locations with same or very similar names.

is there a way to add the town field next to the location in the search box.

For example.

2 places called breaktime billiards
1 in Philadelphia
1 in Chicago

When they start typing Breaktime billiards can I get the options to show

breaktime billiards, philadelphia
breaktime billiards, chicago

I guess there is a possibility in larger cities that 2 locations have the same name…so maybe I need the address to show as well???



If you need to do extremely custom things with a SearchBox, currently the only option is to make your own home rolled search box (use a repeating group shown below a regular input element). Not ideal, but you’ll have a much more control over the search results and what is displayed. You could have the repeating group show any text relevant to a particular location.

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