Typo in documentation for pointing domain to Bubble?

First question: In the Bubble documentation, Chapter 11: Deploying your application, it says:

  • Instruction for GoDaddy
    First, go to our personal page on GoDaddy, find your domain in the ‘Domains’ section and click on launch.

Is our a typo? Should it be your? If not, how do I find Bubble’s personal page on GoDaddy?

Second question: I’m trying to point my domain to Bubble per the instructions on the Settings tab. Bubble has given me to put in my GoDaddy account. Do I only need to change my A record now (read in another thread -Namecheap Domains [Solved]- that we don’t need to bother with CNAME and TXT anymore). What about the www record?


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Yea, it’s a typo. It should be your

I use google domains but I put in 2 A records.

The first was left blank (defaults to the @ symbol), then I populated the data field with bubble’s IP.

The second I put www then populated the data field with bubble’s IP.

Thanks for reporting the typo.

When i set up my domain with godaddy all i did was change the A records @ to the ip address bubble gave me and the www record is linked to the @ so it will point to the same ip as listed in @.

Thanks everyone. I think my situation is the same as @connordavitt98. I hope it is. We’ll see.