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Udemy Course: Build A Startup with Bubble!

I am taking the course right now, and have learned a bunch.

My biggest holdback currently is the data relationships.

1-many, and many to many.

Any chance you can do a lesson on that?


Just signed up!
Thanks for the discount!

Salar… I have paid for the course and found that I can play your lessons at 1.5 the rate and keep up comfortably. Keep up the good work.

I think a lesson on how to add and use the API functions (especially adding public APIs to apps) would be outstanding. I teach pharmacy students and have tasked my students to experiment with Bubble and connecting to the FDA API ( to look up and display information within the bubble app.

Any help on this would be outstanding…

Blogo is now available for all students! View more details about this project on its forum post.
Signup for this course (if you haven’t already) and get to building this anonymous blogging platform.

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Chato is now available for all students! View more details about this project on its forum post.
Did you know? This course has over 100 students across 27 countries? Sign up right here!

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Upcoming Projects for August

Below are the projects you’ll be working on this month! Don’t forget, all students get free lifetime updates.
All course projects including previous and upcoming are listed in the the original post of this forum thread.

Signup for the Build Your Startup with No Coding course and get building these apps. (and more)

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These are really great updates, I’m glad to see you pumping along. Quick question: what does “instant graphing tool” mean?

Thanks for reaching out!

Grapho will integrate Chart.js to quickly generate charts from data, useful for dashboards and analytics.


Question: You said mobile apps should only use 1 page, and that other means of displaying paged data should be used. Could you expound on why this is so, and list the other possible options for displaying various windows within a single page mobile app.

PS: I was blow away by the interactive Lessons offered on the Bubble website, (how popup instructions and arrows guided you every step of the way.) Still… this was slow going because everything was so new. But… after going through 5 Sections of your course, and seeing how all the pieces fit together, the Bubble Lessons (on the Documentation page), make so much more sense! Now I’ll be able to hit the ground running! (And… I still have Sections 6, 7 & 8 to go.)

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Mobile applications are intended to be faster than websites. Speed is part of the incentive to download an application verses using a platform’s web offering, even if it’s a responsive build. Utilizing one page not only allows you to load the page styling and logic all in one go, but also enables you to offer a sleeker presentation all around. Think of it as an exercise for you to better understand consolidating elements in one page.

Glad to hear the course has benefitted your learning! Be sure to let the founders know. :slight_smile:


Signed up yesterday… Can’t wait to get started!!!

Damn I missed the discount and now it £60 :frowning2: will it drop in the future?

Hi there!

Bubblers still get $15 off until 11:59pm tonight. Just use code ‘BUBBLERS’ and you’re all set.
Looking forward to seeing everyone join.


Hey I’m thinking of purchasing your course. Is there a preview site for the Flixo app? I’d really like to see it in action!!

Hey there!

Course projects aren’t previewable at this time, but I do hope you signup - 120+ students can’t be wrong. :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any questions, as always!

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Just learned about Bubble today and found out about this course. Looks like I missed the discount by a week. Any chance it is still live?

Nevermind. Udemy is offering courses for $10! Just bought it - can’t wait to start.

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When will Grapho be done? Just bought the course.

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Thanks for asking. I was hoping to getting around to updating everyone! (the first post can’t be edited anymore)

Grapho and Shopo will be ready-to-ship by the end of the month. :slight_smile: