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UI Collect Credit Card Information Stripe Mobile

Is there anyway to bypass the UI for when a user has to enter in their credit card information on a mobile device? It brings up this “Save” button where they have to click in order to get to the credit card inputs. It doesn’t look great. Even something as simple as updating the verbiage from “Save” to something else so the user knows whats going on would help.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

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The only way is using the API connector and Stripe’s “Managed accounts” feature.

But don’t forget, in iOS applications you aren’t allowed to collect user’s credit card information - you are only allowed to use app-store payments, you are only allowed to collect credit card in apps if your users are receiving a physical product.

If you are selling in-app products or features in your app then Apple will not let you onto their store, even if they don’t catch it they’ll ban you eventually.

If you were planning on selling app features or online products then you’ll have to wait as Bubble does not yet supports in-app payments.

That said, I’m also waiting for that integration, I built an app without doing my research about in-app payments - and this app heavily relies on that feature.

Hopefully it’ll come this year or the next.
Maybe @josh could give us an update on that.

That’s something we’ll look at when we’ll look at native stuff. We can’t commit to a timeline here.

Thanks Guys,

I’m not even deploying a native app just a web app. The screenshot I showed is just the mobile web version in Chrome.

Not sure if this would be considered a bug, but in Safari this feature doesn’t work all together. My web app just gets stuck in a never ending progress bar


I have customers complaining about the same thing.
Website hangs when trying to pay with Stripe on mobile.
Is there a way to fix this? @emmanuel

Try Stripe.Js by cobubble. It allows for completely custom forms to submit payment. Haven’t tried it myself on mobile but I cant see why it wouldnt work.

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Did you find a solution to this? I found info in Stripe’s documentation about how to fix this but not sure if it has been attempted.

@emmanuel or @Bubble are you able to look into how we have the Checkout popup is being called to make sure it follows the way described in this part of Stripe’s documentation (link below)?
I have had some users not able to pay while using Safari on a mobile and it sounds like this could be a fix

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Has anyone found a solution to this? My business depends on this payment flow, and this decreases my credibility.

If I could just skip the “SAVE” button popup altogether it would be a great improvement. The functionality itself works just fine for me.

Bumping this post again in case there is a solution out there…

@emmanuel It’d be great to have the whole UI on mobile as well and not just on desktop. Right now when ordering, I get the “Purchase Now” button (similar scenario like what you all are mentioning with the “Save” button) and then it takes my user to a new page to input CC details. Would be great if the popup came up like on desktop and they could take care of everything there.

Cheers if you have a solution!

He’s commented in another thread about this that it’s not possible for them to modify that at the current time. Workaround would be to configure one’s own Stripe calls to get more control over the behavior on your own app (sorry to say).

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@keith was wondering if that was the case. Thanks.