UI/UX Bubble Development

Hey there,

I’m looking to complete a real estate search application with map and list results. In need of UI/UX design expertise. The application will support both mobile and desktops. Since the project is 2-3 months behind schedule North American based freelancers are preferred. Must be accessible by phone, video conference and/or Slack. You can ping me at: chris_byrd@icloud.com. Thanks!

Hi Chris,
I am familiar with the requirement you have posted and could surely assist you with best quality of work.
You can reach me at anna.cis23@gmail.com or SKYPE:cis.am2 for a formal quote. I am sure the price will be very reasonable.

Hoping for prompt response.


Hey Chris,

I just you an email with more information. Hope to hear from you soon.


Hi Christopher ,

I should be able to help you out on this…
I sent you an email…

Best Wishes