UK Marketplace Case Studies?

Sorry if this question has been asked a million times, but homepage says that companies using their software have raised $15B, but I can’t see any sizeable case studies?

Mainly interested in UK based marketplaces.

It likely means the sum all companies built on Bubble who have raised funds is around that figure. Most of these are probably going to be far below that number and raise in the 100ks or low millions. I dont know if Bubble count themselves in that figure :thinking:

In terms of success stories there’s a few on the showcase, most sites built on Bubble you’ll likely never hear of, or the companies won’t advertise it. I do know there are many listed companies who do use bubble for internal tools though.

If I’m going to use for an external platform, I would like to think they have case studies? That’s just obvious no?

UK based: - their site is pretty slow and could probably be significantly optimised but you get the idea