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Ultimate CAD (affordable)

Bismuth CAD

•Modern design
•Easy to use
•Unlimited call-signs
•10 Departments
•Custom invite link
•Personal stats
•Community stats
•Account settings
•Two factor authentication
•Steam hex
•Administration panel
•CAD info overview
•Detailed used management
•Detailed community roster
•Detailed CAD customization (logo, name, abbreviation, state name, judge name, game map link, access password, discord link
•Patrol settings (sub-divisions, districts, areas of patrol)
•Department management (unlimited departments, customizable department logo, abbreviation, name, and edits)
•User approval queue
•Unlimited servers (editable to change to online/offline)
•Civilian persona count limit toggle button
•Customizable unlimited codes
•Customizable criminal codes
•Ride-along patrol configuration
•Dark mode/Light mode
•NCIC Person Search
•NCIC Vehicle Search
•Reports (written warning, citation, fix-it ticket, arrest report, incident report)
•Criminal code view page
•Codes view page
•Self-attach call
•Panic button
•Zulu time
•Active AOP
•Drag & Drop unit attaching for dispatch
•Emergency traffic button
•Channel hold button
•All dispatch tools
•Cool-down feature
•Civilian license
•Vehicle center
•Firearms center
•Criminal history
•Medical profile
•Priority start button
•Unlimited civilian profiles (unless admin toggles a limit to them in settings)
•Mobile friendly
This CAD is professionally made, it is also very modern and overall very nice (honestly take my word on it).

The CAD starts at $0 for the free plan with a few perk restrictions such as 30 members and not as much customization and goes up in price (including more perks) up to just $10 for the Ultimate plan which has infinite member limit, unlimited customization, and so much more.

You might as well at least test it out with the free plan which I can setup for you in just a minute, if you like it then keep it or upgrade, if you don’t then don’t! But please, just save yourself the money, time, and effort and just end your CAD search with this perfect CAD offered right to you for FREE, $2, $5, or $10 max depending on which plan you choose (all increase perks the more it costs, however the $10 plan has no restrictions whatsoever).

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