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Ultimate Native Mobile App UI [UniversalX] - By

Hello Bubblers,

We would like to announce Nativator’s first mobile app UI template ‘UniversalX’ :
a Convertible Web App designed to be a multipurpose backbone for prototyping, testing and handoff of native apps starting from $49 (Standard license)

Here are more details:

Your design process, in one place:
Native look & feel, UniversalX offers a selection of stunning components which will allow you to build a mobile app fast with; Listings, header, footer, menu, signup views, Alerts and more.

Convertible Web App (CWA):
No more page re-loading, the template uses changing views through smooth transitions for the best UX.

Push notification ready (PlayerID):
UniversalX removes all the hassle one can face while trying to send push notifications via Onesignal to a specific user. Signup workflow is set up in a way that you will be able to get and save the playerid.

Multipurpose and responsive:
Your imagination is the limit, the template was designed is such a way to allow various concepts,
from jobs, real estate, gym, e-learning, events, news etc.

Full pack, ideal for startups / MVPs
The app does not come alone, the pack contains a desktop and mobile landing pages as well . You only need to focus on the content and your own backend.

UniversalX is the perfect match with
UniversalX is a Convertible Web App, designed by a widely used wrapper among the Bubble community. It is based on the study of hundreds of conversions leading to conceive this backbone in order to support future conversions and reduce the risk of app store rejection. refunds 100% of the conversion cost in case of stores rejection!

What you get:

1/ Landing page (Desktop and Mobile):

2/ Convertible Web App (CWA):
UniversaliX QR

Download APK (Demo):

3/ Live chat support:

More CWAs coming soon.
In the meantime, Ideate, Nativate!

Nativator UX Team.

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Contradicting statements in your FAQ and not exactly same as refunds 100% of the conversion cost in case of stores rejection!

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Hi @melon

Thank you for your remark, here is the explanation;

The full refund is possible when the converted app is based on UniversalX template as it complies with app design standards.

However, we can’t apply the same for none template based web apps which might be unfit for App Store (such as website like apps or unresponsive one).

Hope this makes sense.


Is it 49$ or 99$ for the first level of licence?

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$49 for standard license, $199 for Dev license


Hey Sam, not afraid to admit I’m a complete noob at this stuff, but, can I send you my url and you tell me if this is possible to convert using your platform? If so I’ll definitely move forward with it. Thank you sir

Hi @ugs,

Absolutely, will be happy to check your app, just send me the url :slight_smile:


Thanks for that.
You app is responsive but needs to be more mobile ‘print’ friendly. It currently looks more like a standard web page (specially the footer). Also try to adjust the menu text which is too large.

It can be published on Play Store, however App Store will most likely reject.

PS: Better check out webflow matters on their dedicated forum or on, as this one is mainly for bubble apps.


thank you sir!

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Hey Sam, what is the difference between “standard license” and “dev license”, I’m looking for a way to wrap my bubble app to make it native, thanks!

Hello Aldo,

Thanks for your question.

Quoting Bubble marketplace terms:

Standard License. Buyer may access and use the template in applications used for their internal business or personal purposes (i.e., this license does not allow Buyer to incorporate the template in applications built for third parties). There is no limit on the number of applications the template can be used for. If a price is set, Buyer pays a one-time fee for the license which is remitted to Seller in accordance with Bubble’s Marketplace Pricing and Payment Policies. Templates under this license cannot be redistributed or resold, with or without modification.

Commercial Template License. Buyer may access and use the template in applications used for their internal business or personal purposes or applications built for third parties. There is no limit on the number of applications the template can be used for. Buyer pays a one-time fee for the license which is remitted to Seller in accordance with Bubble’s Marketplace Pricing and Payment Policies.


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I’m trying to use Nativator as a wraper of my app, but I’m still having difficulty in the Facebook login setup. Having hard time understanding the tutorial in your site.

Can you please give me exact steps on how to do it?
I already have a facebook login feature in my site, but when accessing it via Nativator preview app, it says " Logging into this app with Facebook is not available at this time."


Thanks for reaching out.

I believe we had a discussion over live chat support.

  1. First of all you cannot get playerid on previewer since you need to integrate your One Signal IDs first.

  2. Make sure you deployed your bubble app.

  3. Test FB login without parameters (in previewer)

  4. Make sure to click save when your modify your FB dev app setting.

  5. To obtain your playerid you need a converted app.

As for the tutorial regarding PlayerID:

Section 1 - Understanding how things work

  1. The OneSignal PlayerId value will be appended to the URL with parameter name “playerid” at the app “opening” only (?playerid=1234abcd). That’s the only one chance we have to capture.

  2. FB login system only allows the whitelisted redirecting URLs to login. A variable parameter is also counted as a part of a URL, so the URL with a unique OneSignal PlayerId value is impossible to guess!

  3. Fortunately, FB login system allows whatever variables that come with parameter name “state” (?state=1234abcd)

Section 2 - Workflows on

  1. The workflow of the FB login button is not for Facebook signup/login plugin, but it sends to another page, says, fb_login. It does not just send to another page with empty hand, but sends the playerid value with a new parameter name “state” by grabbing the value of parameter name “playerid” from the page URL (as we got it when the app opened). (

Before going to the next step, don’t forget to include this new page URL to the Facebook redirecting URLs whitelist (

  1. Now we are at the fb_login page. We create an invisible 1px by 1px text box and click i icon at the top tool box to add a custom state for it (Custom state name: playerid, text type).

  2. We set 2 workflows for this page. One is “User is logged in” (For redirecting users to the main app once the user is logged in successfully).

  3. In the “User is logged out” flow, step 1, we deposit the OneSignal PlayerId value to the invisible text element we just created. (Pic 4, our user’s OneSignal PlayerId is the value in the parameter name “state” we received from the previous page.)

  4. Workflow step 2, use Bubble Facebook signup/login as usual. Step 3 the user is now logged in, you can save user’s email, name, last name.

You can now login as Facebook allows whatever variables in the “state” parameter.

  1. Assign playerid to the user with the invisible text box’s state value. ( Please note, you need to set a condition only when a “state” is not empty, just in case for whatever reasons, the playerid does not come with the parameter, so you should not assign “blank” playerid to the returned users who already had playerid saved but have to re-login).

You can use FB login with Nativator and also acquire the user’s OneSignal PlayerId.


Thanks Sam for the reply.
I already wrap my website in your site, But my problem now is this.

  1. Some users can’t signup/login via facebook- I cascade it and found out that some users has 2way authentication (this users are having error)
    ERROR: "For your account security, loggin into Facebook from an embedded browser is disabled.
    My setting in my developer account in FB was already “YES” under embedded browser settings.

  1. Google login not seem to work, since the URL is having a player ID, any workaround in this?


Hey @Sam !!

A great tool you have created!

I had just a couple of questions about using Nativator services.
Does my bubble app need to have the checkbox of Native App set to yes?

I’m asking this because I didn’t check it before and now that I have done it, it tells me I should not use page change actions… and the template that my client bought, uses a lot “Go to page Index” and send some parameters to the URL for showing different screens and a lot of the logic is handled this way… :frowning:

Does Nativator also forbid the use of Change page actions?