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Ultimate SAAS template

shameless price and template. Ultimate SAAS template Template | Bubble
You would believe this is an excellent template based on the pricing. No, that is not the case. The API calls cannot be re-initialized. If you seek assistance from the seller, he’d charge you $200 for 2 hours Zoom session to tell you he’d forgotten how to re-initialize the API calls. According to his philosophy, once you download his template, it becomes your app, hence the issue is not with the template. I downloaded his template, then paid $129 for a professional plan to add him as a collaborator so he could double-check his work and re-initialize the API calls if he could remember. However, he was unable to do so. He said that the Bubble had made a change to his template. What the Sh%%t! When I asked for a $200 refund because he did nothing but tell me he forgot how to figure out the API initialization during those zoom hours, he said he spent 8 hours learning to reinitialize API calls in his template and thus could not offer me a refund. But as my collaborator in his own template, he could not reinitialize the API calls. He said that was because now it became my app, so his reinitialization method could not work. He asked me for my approval to show his template, which I paid for a professional plan to include him as a collaborator, to Bubble people for advice. I am confused and really exhausted. Does anyone have any advice?

If you’ve exhausted all efforts, I’d try maybe reaching out to Bubble for advice at [email protected].

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Thank you very much!