Ultimate Toolkit - ForEach on List of Things to POST API

Hi all, doesn’t anybody have an experience on how to use this plugin and ForEach to POST to an API?

I have a custom state list of selected things from a database. I want to iterate through the list of things and add the data from each field per thing in a POST call to an API.

I have the API call set up and I can POST using input fields, but I’d like to do the operation on a custom list of things.

Thanks in advance!

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Interested in the for each function as well. I see that the plugin has good reviews.

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Hello, did either of you have luck with For Each. I am trying to use it for deleting duplicates, where it iterates over a search for things after a user has uploaded a CSV, it finds any duplicated items then schedules a delete api.

However, I’m finding it stops working after it iterates over 3/4 things. Have either of you experienced similar?