Ultimate Toolkit: ForEach


I have a large piece of text which I want to separate by “.” and then, using ForEach from the plugin, go down the list but I feel like I am missing a key element because, no matter how I shake the tree I can’t get the ForEach function to iterate through the list I created and create a thing for each entry. All I get is a single entry with no text.

Placing the element and assigning data is no problem as when i debug i can see that there are 9 elements in the list and so, there should be 9 entries but, no matter how I try to get round this I won’t post any data or just a single entry.

There’s no documentation for this and, I cannot think of any other way around this although I have only been using Bubble for the past 4 weeks in anger.

Number 3 in this image doesn’t make sense to me, and I can’t find anything that might be this element “A ForEach execution”

Could I hack this through a backend workflow or something??

Any help appreciated.

Well actually I solved this problem by using a plugin called “Simple Looper”(Simple looper (workflow repeater) Plugin | Bubble).

It allows me to iterate through a repeating group’s text and cerate a new thing for each entry.

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