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Ultralight CAD/MDT for Sale

Ultralight CAD/MDT

-Unlimited Departments
-Management Panel
-Owner Panel
-Supervisor Panel
-Unlimited Customization
-Changeable Backgrounds
-Tow Department
-10 Codes (Editable)
-Penal Codes (editable)
-Signal Codes (editable)
-Global Chat
-10-90 / 10-93
-Dept. Transfer
-Change Backgrounds
-Slideshow Management
-Discord Integration
-set discord and website link
-Report Panel
-Logs all arrest reports in supervisor panel
-Logs all issued tickets in supervisor panel
-Logs incident reports in supervisor panel
-Set Ranks in cad (what rank in police eg sergeant)

Click here for a demo.
Email: [email protected]
Password: Demo1

Ultralight Cad Normal Prices
Frontend = $8
Backend = $10
Reseller = $11

Hello yes My community is interested in your cad if we could chat my discord id is Lexious#2696

This cad is no longer for sale. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, If you want message me on discord (tntrobot2007#4667), and I can try to find something that may fit you. Or you can join our discord here

Hope to hear from you soon!