Unable to add same colour from option set into my Repeating group

Hi all

Does anyone know why I cant add the same option set (Colour OS) into my repeating group?

Example, I have colour such as Mango, Pebble and Sand and I set workflow to add those in my RG upon clicking “Add”. If I choose any of those color added (in this case Mango, Pebble and Sand) , it won’t add again.

But when I choose another colour which is not in the RG, it can be added.

Hi there, @christina1… the issue you described is almost certainly related to the fact that Bubble doesn’t allow duplicate items in a list. So, once a color has been added to the list that is the data source of the repeating group, you won’t be able to add that color again. There is a workaround/trick where instead of using a list, you use a string of texts, and you append any character (for example, an asterisk) after each text. Then, you set the repeating group’s data source to the text string split by the separating character. That being said, if you explain what you are trying to do from a user perspective, maybe folks will have some ideas as to how to go about it without having to deal with duplicates in a list.


Dear @mikeloc

Thank you so much for helping me in this…

What I want to do is to allow user first to create a project and once the project is created, they can add their own categories based on the colours they want.

For example below.
Create Project
User can enter free text such as- Project Name: One Day Island Tour

Once the user enter the above, they can “Add Category” for the tour above (free text for each category and colour selection for each) , for example Morning, Afternoon, Night or it can be 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm (no limit and up to user). Each item represent by colour code pulled from a colour wheel (in HEX) or option set. Currently I did under Option set with a list of colour selections.

Once they click “Add Category”, the categories (child) will be tagged to the parent (Project Name).

So, depending on the option set the user manually entered and selected the colour, it will look like this.

One Day Island Tour
Red - Morning
Green - Afternoon
Blue - Night

One Day Island Tour
Green - 10am
Green - 12pm
Green - 2pm
Green - 4pm
Green - 6pm

The color will be used to create tables and it will appear as the column’s header table (in future) for user to add more details inside every column…

One Day Island Tour
Morning | Afternoon | Night

One Day Island Tour
10am | 12pm | 2pm | 4pm | 6pm

Thank you so much in advance @mikeloc

What is the data source of the repeating group where the colors are being displayed? Is that the repeating group that eventually becomes the categories that get tagged with the parent project? If so, the easiest way to go would probably be to create a new thing in the Category data type when a color is added and show those things in the repeating group. If you go that route, the colors would be associated with things in the database, and duplicate items in a list wouldn’t be an issue.

Dear @mikeloc

The datasource of the repeating group is in one of the custom states… I set a custom state on the main group and set 2 RG in it that is linked to one another…

I set the app to allow viewing :- you can see it here so easier for me to get your guidance =) sincerely appreciate it once again.

There are many versions (as I stuck like 7 days just to solve some issues such as Rg inside Rg and landed here today)…

It’s hard to follow what you having going on there, but I tried to provide some guidance in my previous replies, especially the last one. Without diving all the way into the details of your app, it’s difficult to tell you exactly what you need to do, if that’s what you are looking for here.

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Thank you once again @mikeloc
I shall follow the way you advised in previous reply.
Sincerely appreciate it… at least I finally I know it’s because of Bubble limitations :sweat_smile:

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