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Unable to calculate values from a certain field

Hello everyone, I’m just getting started with no code tools by building a simple calculator that calculates how much ingredients cost in a recipe.

I’m trying to calculate a value based on other fields’ inputs and calculations. See screenshot.
I was able to create a field ‘Price per unit’ that creates a value based on inputs. How that field isn;t available in alist when I try to use ‘Price per unit’ in the next calculation.

Any help or direction would be appreciated. TIA.

An “Input” is a visual data entry object on the page.

The “Price per Unit” is a FIELD on the Ingredient you are currently trying to create. (Which you’re calculating right now, in the screenshot.)

I’m not sure you can reference this field yet, but if you can, the expression would reference:

This Ingredient’s Price per Unit

If you can’t cannot construct that expression, remove this field. Then as your next step in the workflow, do “Make Changes to a Thing” (what thing? The result of the previous workflow step. what field? Price per Unit” and do the computation there.).

Thanks. You’re right. Had to do it in step two.

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