Unable to copy number dynamic data

I see an issue where I cannot copy dynamic data that has a type of Number. Copying works for dynamic data of type text. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a Thing
  2. Initialize the first field with any dynamic data of type a Number
  3. Add the second filed and try to copy dynamic data from the first field

You could see that it is impossible. As said before the same works with text dynamic data.

This can be considered as not a bug. The issue is that the mouse hook does not work reliably and for my number fields the browser default context menu was opening. Because of that, I thought that copy-paste is not supported for Number type.

Basically, when I click near to the right corner of the field I get browser’s context menu, but when I aim the left corner I get Bubble context menu :ok_hand:. Though don’t know if other people see this issue.

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