Unable to create expression to pull data from a list

I am making a music player and have a field under User called RecentlyPlayed, which is a list of tracks. See the pictures below.

I have a workflow set from the Play button of the player to make changes to the user by telling it what the recently played track is, in this case, the index’s current track. MakeChangesToUser

They show up in the database under User/RecentlyPlayed
Database Additions

What is the expression I use to pull these tracks to this repeating group. I thought it would be currentuser’s RecentlyPlayed: first Item, since it’s a list. Obviously that’s wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

First item is a single track.
Take that off and you have a list of tracks. It should go blue.

Huh, that is so weird. I tried that a bunch of times last night and it wouldn’t go blue. That’s what I started with and it wouldn’t accept it. Huh Well, Ok, that was easy. Geez, thanks for your reply. Carry on, nothing to see here.

Great news! Good luck!