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Unable to Deploy My Newest App Version - 3 days

I am getting a similar error to a previous post:

I did already email about this so sorry if I am double posting by creating a topic as well. It has been almost 3 days now where I am unable to deploy the latest version of my app.

I have tried multiple browsers and computers and I get the error messages as shown in the topic that I linked above.

Any help is appreciated.

**This has been solved. I logged in to try it just now and it eventually found 3 errors in which I solved and then was able to fix and now properly deploy. No idea why it took so long, I had previously left it longer before without it showing the errors.

Anyways, problem now FIXED.**

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We haven’t deployed anything over the last 3 days, strangely enough. We’re currently working on a new issue checker that will work at scale, it’s a week or 2 away.

Sorry for the trouble!!

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