Unable to fetch data in group focus element from trigger button

Hi Everyone,

My question is explained below:

When I create a new “chat group”, it gets added in a database under “group name” column, which is a single text data type. The current user also gets added in the “participants” column(list of users) in the same table. And, I can see the group that I have just created under “My Groups” heading on the page, with a button next to it saying “Add friends”.

When I click on “Add friends” next to my just created group, a “Group Focus” appears in which I show the list of my “friends”. This is a repeating group element and next to every friend’s name there is another button saying “Add to group”.

When I click on “Add to group”, the friend should be added to the group that I have just created. But, I am not able to filter the group’s name when I am trying to add my friend to the “participants” column.

How can I do that?

Pravesh Pandey