Unable to fit checkboxes to width of text

I am building an app which requires checkbox filters. The checkboxes are part of a repeating group (Repeating Group > 1 checkbox - data source of the repeating group is an option set), to be displayed as a masonic grid (see here for UI example).

I am unable to get the width of the text element to shrink/expand to the width required by the text to fit on one row. I have selected the ‘fit to width’ box but the width of the checkbox (for each option in the option set) defaults to the value I set for the min width of the checkbox element.

Screenshot for context: https://i.imgur.com/yX9PXHE.jpg

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,
Checkboxes are sure hard to work with in bubble.
Few options here to try:
1/ put the checkbox in another group and change the settings on that groups (bit of trial and error)
2/ Use a icon/text element and utilise states to toggle the checkbox. (This is what i do 99% of time when i use a checkbox. I rarely use the checkbox element anymore).
If you need help happy just shout out

Sorry for not responding sooner and thanks for the reply!

I ended up sticking with the checkboxes and just making individual checkboxes for each item (instead of using a RG). In the future, I’ll probably go with the text+icon option!