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Unable to generate 7 digit random number through blockspring

I am trying to generate 7 digit random number according to the airbnb course @brentsum but its giving me its default 16 digit random number. I have no idea why i updated it multiple times but still the same result. Can any one of you try and let me know what i am doing wrong :slight_smile:

Can you send a screenshot of your workflow and the API component? To get the count to be seven, you need to just enter the number 7 in the count box. See screenshot below.

I figured it out i entered 7 manually and it worked, its weird any ways thanks :slight_smile:

Nice! Yeah, it takes a few clicks and the input box is jumpy, but if you type just a plain 7 in there it seems to work well.

you could also use mathjs to ask for a random number, round it and call this via the api,9999999))

Use the api plugin to make the call