Unable to make changes to a thing in database

I’m making a multi-step form with several input questions.

I have a type in my database called CARE_Form to store each submitted form as an entry, and it has a field called risk_level.

When the user begins filling out the form, I have a workflow on the first button of the form that creates a new thing (a CARE_Form entry) in my database. This works beautifully.

On later questions, if the user selects “yes” from a dropdown menu, I want to set the risk_level field of this particular CARE_Form entry in my database to be “red”. However, when I add a workflow to make changes to a thing, it doesn’t seem to be writing any changes into my database. What am I missing?


You should consider not creating the entry until the end of the form, so that incomplete entries are not saved.

Alternatively if you do wish to create and then update, after creating a new care_form, use a workflow step of ‘display data’ in the parent group using the result of the previous step of creating the thing. Otherwise the parent group that you are referencing will be empty.