Unable to match single value to a list of value

Hi Bubblers,

I have created a lookup table in the database with list of text as follow:

D01 -> 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06 {list of text}
D02 -> 07, 08, 09
D03 -> 10, 11, 12

When I do a search with constraint condition for a single text number (e.g. 09), it didn’t find a match as it is expecting all 3 text number (i.e. 07, 08, 09) to be matched before it returns “D02”. What is the right approach to do a lookup of a single value contains in a list of value?

Any help will be appreciated.


Hi there, @leonlimyt… so, first, I would go with an option set for the lookup instead of a data type because 1) I really dig option sets, and 2) that’s one of the main purposes of an option set (to eliminate the need for a lookup data type, that is).

So, if you go that route, you could have an option set that looks something like this…

… and you would modify the attributes on each option to include the list of texts you have in your example.

With the option set in place, you would use the Get an option option, and you would set it up like this…

Want to give something like that a shot and see if it works for you? Hope it helps!


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thanks @mikeloc for your quick response and advice. i tried the Option method as you suggested but it still expects all text numbers to be matched before it returns the result.

The filter I showed in my screenshot is working by matching only one text number, so it must be a configuration thing. If you want to share some screenshots, I’d be happy to try to help figure out what’s going on.


Hi Mike, I have extracted the snippet of the app that have issues in the link below:

Case 1 and 2 are using hard coded single text value (i.e. 09) and all text values (i.e. 07, 08, 09) respectively and for case 3, i am having issues using the first 2 chars of “Zip Code” input field as lookup value and would appreciate your help as well.

Greatly appreciate your help Mike!


@leonlimyt, I’m getting a permissions error on that link.

sorry about that Mike, how do I give permission to open the link as I am new to Bubble?

No worries at all… just go to Settings >> General, and change Application rights to Everyone can edit.

Thanks Mike and already changed the application rights to everyone can edit.

Hey there, @leonlimyt… take a look now… all three examples are working. The main issue was the way you entered the attributes for the options in the option set. Also, the way I went about getting the third example to work is probably a bit hacky (you would want to hide the field that I added), but as you can see, it does work.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks and grateful for your help, Mike. :+1:
It is working perfectly now for all 3 cases and very glad that Bubble community are so forthcoming and patience in helping newbies in the intricacies of Bubble development platform.

Happy to help, @leonlimyt… best of luck with your app!