Unable to parse dats in Server logs


I cannot see any server logs for dev or production as I constantly get “unable to parse date” in the “start” and “end” inputs

See the attached.

There are a whole load of console errors as well on this page.
Screenshot 2024-06-21 at 15.38.19

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Getting this as well, can’t view any server logs because nothing will parse.

Also suspect there’s an issue with BEWFs altogther because I’m running through some testing at the moment and its only firing ~ 1 out of 5 attempts…I’d check the logs to see what’s going on but…

It also seems to think that the current time is 10am, when its 16:02 my time.


Not sure if this helps you or not, but this was occurring for me because I had spoofed my timezone using a browser extension for the sake of some testing I was doing.

I removed the spoof and it works again.

Interesting… I have been doing the same. I will re-test!! Funny how we both have done this haha