Unable to reference dynamic data

Hi all

I have just encountered a problem I have never had before of being unable to reference dynamic data entered into other drop downs and inputs other data in the same group. I have never encountered this before and am very confused.

I am trying to do 3 things (usually this is straightforward):

  1. Add dynamic image based on company selected in search bar just to the left. Shouldn’t I be able to just do dynamic data → select searchbox input?
  2. Have these groups visible when a particular radio button is selected. Shouldn’t I be able to select “Only when radio button is X” in workflow or as a conditional on the group I want to make visible?
  3. Refer to data entered in the inputs above for this summary sentence. Shouldn’t I be able to say “result of input” X in a text box?

Any ideas? I am so confused, I usually wiz through this stuff but I keep hitting walls.

I will add screenshots below.



Have you figured out?

I can reach a dynamic searchbox value on my app.

Hi there

No I haven’t figured it out! It’s such a mystery - I should be able to reference all of it!

I am using a template with a responsive engine for the first time so I am feeling very out of my comfort zone. Wondering if it was set up in a funny way by the template creator although I built this popup myself from scratch. I have never encountered anything like it.

I think I will probably re-build using the old engine because the responsive containers stress me out too much so I will probably end up solving it that way.

Thanks for checking!